The Adult Entertainment Industry is Growing Faster Than Ever Before

The adult entertainment industry has always been a huge success. Sex sells and every business knows it. This fact hasn’t changed over the past several decades. In fact, it’s only becoming a larger industry by the day. Last year, there were over 136 billion sex video views worldwide. Predictions show us that it could reach nearly 200 billion yearly views by the year 2020.

Why so much growth

Sure, we are becoming increasingly populated, but that’s not the main reason why the adult entertainment industry is growing so rapidly. Actually, it’s not growing rapidly, it’s growing constantly. Growth has been constant for the past 5 decades and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

So why is there so much growth in this single industry?

The main reason for the adult industry’s constant growth is the increasing amount of ease of access. With the internet, we can quickly access porn flicks, adult webcams and tons of sex photos. It’s easy, so we look at it.

As the internet becomes available in more regions, more people look at it. It’s as simple as that. Many regions of the world are just beginning to gain access to the internet and soon, more than 80% of the world’s population will have some sort of internet connection. That’s a huge increase and it as humans, we love sex in all shapes and forms.

Smartphones, tablets and smart TVs

As newer technologies are introduced to the world, we continue gaining access to the internet in new ways. With smartphones and tablets, we can easily bring the internet with us on the go. More than half of the adult entertainment industry online is now viewed from a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Smart TVs are also becoming a standard in most homes. These TVs allow us to connect directly to the internet, yet again providing us with another way to access adult content. With so many available sources, we simply spend more time looking at porn.

Niche sites and live cams

Although adult videos are huge in the adult industry, the newer addition of live webcam sex has experienced the most amount of growth. The ability to connect with a real porn star from anywhere in the world and experience one on one webcam sex with them is the wave of the future in the adult industry. Millions of people use live cam sites every month, making it a booming industry that provides us with something new and highly addictive.

Niche sites such as fetish porn is another sub-industry that is experiencing huge amounts of growth. With more and more niche sex sites being launched every week, it has become increasingly simple to quickly fulfill our wildest fantasies. If you love sex, you have nothing to worry about because this industry is on the rise.