6 Sexy Ways to Get Your Groove on During Live Cam Sessions

Live cam sites are filled with people who want to have private sessions with cam models. Being the one that stands out from the crowd and actually gets to spend one on one time with the models is difficult at times. You’ll need to look different and be completely unique in order to get the privilege of passing some time alone with the sexy models.

Here are 6 ways to get your groove on during live cam sessions so that you get the most attention.

Wear Something Unique

Wearing something unique is a great way to capture the attention of the people you meet on webcam. However, it should always be something somewhat sexy. If you’re a girl, this could be lingerie or a sexy costume. For guys, dress up classy, wear a James Bond suit or if you have a great body, wear a swimsuit bottom.

Play Some Tunes and Dance

Whether you can dance or not, it’s always fun to see someone try. Put on some great dance songs and do your best to look amazing while getting your groove on. It’s the thought that counts so even if you suck at dancing, most people will be impressed to see your attempt some crazy moves on cam.

Talk Dirty

Whether you just met the person or even if you’ve been chatting for days, talking dirty is a fun way to get the other person in the mood. Don’t be rude or insulting, but try your best to get them wet with your words. Words can be quite powerful and they may even be strong enough to get the other person naked!

Role Play

Don’t just talk with the people you meet, role play with them. Role playing is always fun and can get way more people interested in getting to know you. Dress up as a naughty nurse or a fireman and fully invest yourself into your role. Don’t constantly come out of character, make the other person believe who are you’re trying to be is really you.

Get Wet

It’s odd how our brains work, but wet people turn us on. Did you know that more random sex happens on rainy days? Get yourself a few bottles of water and splash yourself with them. This especially works with girls, but guys can try it too. Basically, splash yourself with water and you’ll get lucky.

Yoga is Your Friend

Yoga is basically sex with clothes on. Nothing is more sexual than downward dog or dead bug (look it up) poses. Doing yoga on webcam will get more than a few viewers aroused. Get your groove on by sensually performing yoga poses on cam!