Ever Thought of Using Furniture for Sex?

These days you can use anything during sex. The film 9 and a Half Weeks showed us what you could do with a dark kitchen and an open fridge, for example. You can use pretty much anything at your disposal around the house to make your love making all the more enjoyable so it would make perfect sense that you could use your furniture for sex too. Don’t believe us? Let’s take a closer look…


When was the last time you felt a passion so raw, you couldn’t even wait to get to the bedroom?

Remember the days when you were younger and you and your partner would have sex anywhere, any time and any damn way that you liked. Well why not bring those days back? You don’t have to jump on your partner and leave hickeys on his neck like you did back in high school but that’s not to say that there can’t still be an element of passion in your sex life. Just because things got comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t switch things up from time to time.

Next time you guys are on the couch just chilling and watching TV, why not unbuckle his pants and start to give him oral sex? In fact, you could take full advantage of the sex sofa that you have created and drop to your knees, worshipping his manhood and looking at him with wide eyes while he slides in and out of your mouth. That view will stay in his mind for a while, we can promise you that. Use the furniture for sex – the couch is the perfect height when you are on your knees on the floor so what are you waiting for?

When was the last time you had sex while doing something really mundane?

Remember in the first flourishes of romance when you would use anything furniture for sex. Anything around the house took a tumble with your lust for each other, from the washing machine to the couch and everything in between. Next time you are in the kitchen together cooking or doing the dishes, walk him backwards onto your kitchen or dining room table and let him enjoy the view as you turn around, lower yourself onto his excited manhood and bounce up and down until you are both relieved. He will get a cracking view of your rear end and you can pull whatever faces you like because he can’t see you. And you can keep an eye on the oven too!

When was the last time that you let go?

It’s harder to turn the mundane things around your house into sex furniture when you have kids running around so we can understand if you are not as frisky as you guys should be. There is a simple solution to this – you have grandparents, use them. That’s also what parents are for. Ship the kids off for a weekend and really let loose in the house. Go crazy and use a sofa pillow as a sex cushion, nicely placed under your ass as he lefts your ankles onto his shoulders. Use your imagination – you’re on a deadline after all!