The Best Lubes for Anal Sex

Anal Sex Is Fun With the Right Lubes

Anal sex can be enjoyable, if it’s not painful. Unfortunately many people do not realize that it doesn’t have to hurt. When done correctly, anal sex can put the right amount of pressure on the gspot. If you haven’t noticed, ladies have a lot going on in a very little space. It doesn’t really take a lot of effort to make us explode in pleasure. That is why if you don’t try anal, you are missing out on the full potential of your orgasms. Why would any woman do that? Instead of not giving it a shot, take some time to know your lubes before you decide that anal is not for you.

Natural Lubricants

Some women are fortunate enough to make just enough juices that they do not need extra lubrication. These women are the reason why men believe foreplay is enough to make a woman okay with anal sex. In some cases it is. Juices running out of the vagina can be fingered into the ass. The problem is however, many women do not cream like that, or their men don’t know how to make them.

Water Based Lubes

For ladies who are a little moist, but could use some help, a water based lube will often do the trick. Water based lubes are light, hypoallergenic and non sticky. They are great for first date anal sex because they won’t irritate you or your sexual partner and you may not even notice it is there.

Oil Based Lubes

Oil based lubes are great for women who want the most lubrication. The more lubrication the less friction you will feel. For first timers to anal, less friction will make a huge difference. Some men will hesitate at the idea of anal sex with less friction, but you can comfort them by reminding them that the easier it is for you, the further they will get in.

Specialty Lubes

Because anal sex is so difficult for many women, there are large selections of lubes that make it easier. These include desensitizing lubes and warming lubes. Desensitizing lubes will help numb the pain of anal by putting a topical pain killer in the lube. This works great for women who want to take their man’s cock further in their ass, but some men say it takes away their sensations also.

Warming lubes help a women relax her anal muscles so that she can take a cock. These should be applied to the asshole by fingering the hole with the lube a few minutes prior to insertion.

Which One to Choose

Knowing which lube to choose is a personal preference. Every couple has their own needs and skin sensitivities. You may react to certain lubes, so always start with the smallest portion and try it on both of your skin first. This will prevent a rather uncomfortable reaction.  Lubes typically are affordable, so don’t be afraid to try out a few different types list at site. The most important thing is that you find one that makes anal sex pleasurable for the both of you.