Celebrity Cam Girl Gives Us 5 Tips for Better Webcam Sex

Webcam sex is exciting, it’s new and it allows long-distance relationships to keep the spark alive. However, even webcam sex tends to get repetitive and boring at times. Ensuring that you have the best time ever is optimal in order to keep it spicy and exhilarating. We had a chat with Nikki Night, a celebrity cam girl, to see what makes her webcam sex sessions so entertaining. She gave us 5 tips that will change the way you have sex on cam. Enjoy!

Lighting is Key

Nikki told us that the lighting in the room has the largest effect. It’s the first thing you see and if the lighting is wrong, you’ll be bothered by it the entire cam session. Getting the lighting just right takes some time, so it’s a good idea to figure out what’s best before sharing your webcam with others. She mentions that direct light can make you appear less flattering. The best light is indirect light. She personally uses a desk lamp that points towards the wall so that light bounces back onto her.

Finding the Perfect Angle

The greatest angles will make you appear much more flattering on webcam. Nikki states that the very best angles are either with the webcam on the floor looking up at you or at a higher level with the webcam looking down at you. When the webcam is on the floor pointing up, you appear much taller and it allows viewers to see your whole body.

Mirrors are Your Friend

Mirrors make a huge impact when putting on a webcam sex show. Whether you’re displaying your body for one viewer or a hundred, you’ll want to make sure that they can see the whole thing. Placing a mirror to the side or even behind you will allow viewers to see your whole body at all times. It’s also fun to place a mirror on the floor when your webcam is higher up and point down; this allows viewers to see up, which is extremely naughty and fun to watch!

Help Yourself Up

Don’t rely on performing dance moves on all your own; you’re not a professional dancer. If you’re clumsy or need a little assistance, go right ahead. Use a computer chair or even a desk to dance and perform moves with. Plus, lots of guys fantasize about having sex on a girl’s desk.

You’re a Goddess

Remember to feel proud of what you’re doing. You’re turning on someone (or many people) simply by looking good and acting sexy. You’re a goddess and never forget how amazingly gorgeous you are. Nikki states that you don’t have to be a size two to get guys drooling over you; she has always been a big beautiful woman and she’s among the most popular cam girls on the internet. Remember to congratulate yourself, because you rock and you’re getting guys hornier than ever!