Online Sex – Is It Cheating?

Love is beautiful, complex and incredibly different from one relationship to another. With the internet and mobile dating, finding a new partner is easier than ever, which causes infidelity to reach an all new high. But what is infidelity when it comes to virtual flirting and non-physical hookups? We investigate!

How the sexting starts

Sexting is a major problem with many couples. However, most couples who suffer through virtual infidelity have been together for at least one year. While investigating into this matter, we discovered that most couples who begin flirting with others online are simply bored with their relationship. They want to see what else is out there without actually causing any harm to their actual relationship.

While this may seem all fun and games, it can actually do more harm than expected. We met a girl who told us she once found her boyfriend swiping through matches on Tinder. They had been together for over a year and he never actually went through with any of the dates (to her knowledge), but the simple fact of knowing that he would rather fantasize about some other girl made her love him a little less.

When online flirting does actual damage

It usually starts off with people thinking “I’ll just create a quick profile to see if I could still get a date if I were single”. Messages start piling up and then casual online flirting turns into cyber sex sessions with someone who lives not too far away. While this isn’t the case with all users, it certainly does reflect what happens more often than not.

While investigating for this article, we had a chat with a girl named Sophie. She told us the following:

“A few years ago I was dating this really amazing guy. I had never loved someone as much as I loved Jake. Then winter came around the corner and I started getting bored on those cold lonely nights. I began exchanging emails with one of my work colleagues. It started off as friendly exchanges where we would gossip about others, but then it gradually evolved into flirting. It quickly went too far and I ultimately did sleep with him.”

Technology isn’t to blame

While most people who end up cheating by use of the internet blame technology for making it too available, technology is not to blame. Infidelity is not forced onto someone, it happens because you’re no longer satisfied with what you already have.

Mobile phones, webcam chat sites and online dating make it easier for you to cheat, but the decision is ultimately yours to make.

Should you Monitor Your Partner’s Online Use

Monitoring your partner’s computer and phone isn’t going to change a thing. It may allow you to find out about it, but they are still going to do it. The important thing for any relationship is trust. Trusting your partner will avoid pushing them away. We don’t recommend that you be overly invasive and monitor every incoming text message or snoop around for potential online dating profiles. Give your lover the benefit of the doubt.