Cam Girl Warns Other Girls to be Cautious

Becoming a sex worker has become one of the easiest things to do for girls all over the world. With webcam sex readily available, becoming a live porn star is one of the easiest jobs to find. Not only is it easy to become a webcam porn model, but it can also become quite lucrative as well with top cam girls earning 6 figure salaries.

One webcam girl feels it shouldn’t be as popular though. The infamous cam star mentioned that camming is a gateway to much more dangerous acts and can actually be one of the worst things a girl could choose to do.

Here are some of the reasons she mentioned:

Evolves to other types of sex work:

The webcam model that we interviewed told us that most of her cam girl friends started out with just camming, but quickly evolved into more serious sex work. Many cam girls turn towards prostitution, escort services, stripping and other types of adult work. She also said that they start out working as cam girls to pay for their schooling fees or to get through a tough time, but eventually consider doing webcam sex for many more years than anticipated.

Leads to drug and alcohol abuse:

One of the major downsides of becoming a cam girl is that you’ll often need alcohol or other substances such as drugs to perform and entertain for hours at a time. The stress of performing in front of hundreds of viewers for several hours every day pushes many girls to consume more alcohol and take illegal drugs. This creates an addiction that is incredibly hard to get rid of even when quitting the webcam sex industry.

There are many stalkers online:

Another danger that she mentioned was the massive amount of creepy stalkers that hang out on cam sites. She said that even though little to no personal information is provided to viewers, they can quickly find out more about you and some stalkers can even find out where you live. “It’s a dangerous business and you need to lock your doors”, she told us.

Risk of family issues:

The final thing she mentioned was that it’s incredibly difficult for many family members to accept what you do. When you work as a sex worker, online or off, most parents, siblings and other family members won’t want to accept it. It’s not a commonly accepted career path and you must be emotionally and mentally prepared to deal with the loss of some family members. Some family members may even refuse to keep in touch with you for several months or even years.