7 Reasons To Have Sex Every Day

Sex can be the solution to a lot of problems. We’re talking about make up sex, wake up sex, after lunch sex, after dinner sex, random sex and quickies. Ok, you get it. We like sex and we see it as an anytime occasion to get closer with your partner. However, we’re not alone. Some see sex as a sport, some as a romantic moment, and others a way to alleviate tension or even pull oneself away from daily struggles and stress.

One thing is for sure, when well practiced, sex is good!

While some conservative minds may still try to drive you away from getting to know yourself sexually, it is scientifically proven that sex can lead to a healthy life.

Here are 7 benefits of an active sex life:

Weight loss 

Did you know that you can lose close to 560 calories every time you have sexual intercourse? Like swimming, sex is one of the most complete total body exercises since all of the body’s muscles are working at the same time. Sex also prevents the appearance of cellulite with active circulation of lymphatic fluids responsible, eliminating bacteria, toxins and other substances that accumulate in the muscles. Forget about those crazy diets. Grab your partner, get off (your seat) and detox!


Sex also helps heal mild depression because it facilitates the movement of endorphins through the bloodstream, producing a sense of euphoria, well-being and happiness. 


You know that lame excuse he gave about not wanting sex because of a headache? Well, that was a big lie. To the contrary, sex relaxes the tension that compresses blood vessels in the brain, which can also relieve headaches. Next time you’re have a headache, forget the aspirin and go for a much more physical remedy. 


Having trouble sleeping? Suffer from insomnia? Well, the answer is in your pants. Sex is the best remedy for insomnia. Sex changes the biochemical balance in your body, relaxing it and that you can sink into a deep satisfied sleep, specially after an orgasm. The climax gives the muscles a high that is then replaced by relaxation. Good night!


Not into cosmetics? A sexually active body adds greater amounts of pheromonesthe hormones of attraction and beauty. Sex chat can be an inexpensive way to become the next model.


If you’re stressed, or suffer from excessive nervousness, sex is good for you. Jump into your partner’s lap for lower levels of irritability. As with minor depressions, having sex favors is a healthy addition to your routine.


And last, sex is the best tranquilizer in the world. It is much more efficient than any medical prescription. Call it a holistic remedy for many of life’s struggles. A little bit (or a lot) of sex a day can indeed keep the doctor away, and make you a much more healthy and satisfied man.