How do you progress a relationship from friendship to dating?

My Question: I’ve grown attracted to a man who looks at me as a friend. We know each other for some time and we have grown to be quite good friends. After couple of months of hanging out and getting to know one another I said to him that I am interested in a close relationship.

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He was in casual sex relationship but it was a rocky one so that relationship has ended. However I think that telling him that I’m interested has made being around him uncomfortable.

How do you seperate friendship from relationship?

It is important to know that he got out of a rocky relationship and currently has no faith in girls? Based on that, I believe he’s stay silent healing and learning to get back to things slowly.
If you can be patient and continue what you are doing with him, without pushing anything, I think he’ll come around and notice what you are doing for him when he has healed. This is free sex chat site for you.

As of right now, asking him out would result in a definite chance of you getting the answer you’re not hoping for. This is the safest approach and although may take some time, it will guarantee you a greater chance of becoming more than friends with this man.

But take into consideration additional factors that could influence your chances to win him.

Do you two talk on the phone?
How does he talk to you?
Does he invite you anywhere?
When he sees you, how does she react?

the line dividing friendship from relationship

What you need to understand is that guys, unlike women, really think that they can be friends with a member of the opposite casual sex. In other words, men really think that they can be friends with women, but as you’ll come to find out, this is rarely the case.

When a woman gets attention from a man, she immediately thinks that the guy must be interested in her, because sure enough, she means He should be interested otherwise he wouldn’t be wasting my time. A man might be showing interest to a woman because he likes her and would like to be friends. Now that you understand this, let’s analyze your dilemma.

How to make the transition from friendship to relationship?

A man shows interest, he likes you, but do you find a clue that he wants you. Right now, as the situation stands, he probably looks at you as just a friend. Now you’re probably thinking that it’s a lost cause, but not necessarily.

Ask yourself could you get over him; because you might have to. What you really need to be asking yourself, is: What am I willing to lose? How to make the transition from friendship to relationship, refer to e-books in series “ Relationships: Puzzles and Answers ”