5 Signs He’s Not That Into You Anymore

Learn to Spot the Signs

A woman can become oblivious to signs that a guy is no longer into her. Guys may not directly tell you but there are other signs that say his interest has waned and could be looking somewhere else. His behavior is the best give away of his real feelings towards you. Learn to interpret certain things he does and get yourself a reality check. Your skill in spotting these signs may actually save you time and could help prevent further heartaches.

1. He often ‘spaces out’

Ever had this scene where you are telling him about something and then noticed him merely nodding his head. You know for a fact that he was agreeing but not really listening. It is quite obvious that his thoughts are somewhere. More often than not, he would vaguely recall any details of that conversation.

Your guy ‘spacing out’ is an obvious sign of disinterest and a big sign that he’s just not that into you anymore. When this becomes the norm and has goes on for quite a while, it is time for a reality check girl. The lost of interest is already clear and he might just be buying time to exit. Beat him to it by either confronting him. His answer might shock you but it would be better to end it rather than prolong the agony.

2. Communication has decreased

When he forgets to check out on you like he used to or never returns a call promptly, something is amiss here. His behavior should not be taken for granted if you don’t want to have more problems later on. He may justify this disinterest as caused by work problems or he is stressed and so many other alibis. Not wanting to know how you are is an obvious sign that he does not care and a great indicator that you are no longer his priority. Accept that the relationship may be on the verge of ending. If he couldn’t care less about what’s going on with your life, it is time to move on.

3. He stopped including you in his long term plans

If you are with a guy for quite sometime, talk of marriage may crop up in your conversation at some point. However, it feels that such is a forbidden subject or he never dares mention it, this can be a sure sign that you are not a part of his long time plans. It may also mean that he is not ready to settle down with you or anyone else for that matter. To get a real gauge of the pulse on this topic, try bringing up the subject casually and observe how he responds. His stand will tell you a great deal about his plans for the future and whether you are included in it or not.

4. He’d rather be somewhere than be with you.

Is he always in a hurry to be somewhere? This is one sign that he may no longer want your company. It is likely that he may be prone to dropping you off at the most unexpected times and places or if he does last minute cancellations of your dates.

In a normally healthy relationship, you would often enjoy time spent together. When your guy prefers to be somewhere else than with you, that should tell you that something is not right. Your company may no longer present such interest to him and this is a big red flag. It is possible that something or someone else is now hogging his interest.

5. Avoids using his mobile when you are around

When your guy is uncomfortable using his mobile phone in front of you and prefers to take his calls in away from you, two things, either he is having a confidential and serious talk with his boss or client. It is also similarly possible that he could be trying to hide something.

There are of course a host of other valid reasons for him to do so. However, when this has become suspiciously often, it is time for you to asses why. Hiding something from each other is always not a good sign. A relationship’s intimacy largely depends on how open you are with each other. Once the hide-and-seek begins, there is a reason why. Confront him for this behavior and it is up to you if you think his reasons for doing so are justified.

He doesn’t bother to explain.

If your guy often gets late on dates, forgets to pick you up, and such is not a normal thing previously. When he no longer bothers to explain as to the sudden changes, it could mean that he could not care less what you think and how you feel. When he no longer feels that need to fill you in as to why such things happen, then it is a clear sign that your boyfriend is already disengaging from you. A person who cares about you would not want you have doubts and worries and more likely he would explain deviations in his behavior.

These are just some of the ways to tell if your guy is no longer into you.

He takes you for granted

Taking someone for granted is one indication of disinterest and utter lack of respect for the feelings of another. He could be forgetting your birthday, anniversary which is quite understandable but you know that feeling of not being given importance.

When no longer values your feelings and stops caring, it is time to let the relationship end. It is one thing to make a relationship work but when his actions belie his affection towards you, it is the proper time for you to move on.