Erotic Role Play Ideas for couples

Roleplay is more than just perverse sex. It allows you to experiment with accessories and sex toys, but the most important thing is that the couple can see themselves in a new light. Role-playing ideas and couple therapy are often closely related because they can help them explore themselves and benefit their long-term relationship, so yes, it is more than an exciting night in bed.

To start with the role play, I prepared a list of the best role play ideas for couples. It will give you a general idea of ​​what to think when you think about your unique scenarios. I encourage you to try these ideas and, later, be creative with your great ideas. Let’s roll.

Erotic Role Play Ideas for couples

Role-playing ideas for married couples and couples who are not yet engaged, but allow partners to be creative
The best role-playing ideas for couples in a bedroom, bathroom and a car
These concepts can easily become role play ideas for gay couples. They are universal and suitable for all types of relationships and genders.

Role-playing ideas for sex in a room
These are the best positions to have sex in bed that will help you bring the usual experience to life.

You can punish him in your room
The classic criminal police role-playing game
Experiment with different scenarios: what if I drove too fast? Maybe you robbed a bank? Choose a crime and try to get out of it.

Virgin role play
This is one of the best role play ideas for married couples. Imagine that one of you is a virgin, and this is your first sex. Act and enjoy sex as if you’ve never had it before. The experienced can put himself in the dominant position and accompany the partner through the process.

You can even wear high school uniforms for the occasion
Pajamas party in high school
What if you two are naughty high school students who decided to move on? Are you in your parents’ basement? What are the best? In those ideas of role-playing games for couples, the joy is in the details.

Pretending to be famous is already fun. When you also bring sex, the experience is unforgettable. You can also listen to “Groupie Love” by Lana Del Rey while doing it.

A novel hero Y / A
Y / A novels provide an endless source of fun ideas for couples. You or your partner can impersonate a vampire, a demon or a werewolf, and can exchange roles.

Massage Experience
If your partner gives you a gentle massage, pour it with lotions and oils, while pretending to be a stranger, you may have the hottest night of your life. It is a peaceful scenario, so it is one of the best role-playing ideas for pregnant couples.

Yoga instructor-student
There is something incredibly sexy in yoga poses, so this concept occupies a prominent place in my list of fun role-playing ideas for couples in the bedroom. He can lean over you, show you positions, massage your body and show you powerful movements. For a stronger effect, google some real tutorials.

Imagine you are a model who shoots an underwear campaign
Imagine you’re a model
It is easy to feel sexy when posing as someone with long legs and perfect measurements. If you feel insecure about your body, adopting the character of someone who is conventionally sexy like Victoria’s Secret angels will give you a boost. It is one of the best ideas for couples role-playing games if you don’t have much experience yet.

A handsome stranger casually enters your room
A strange guest in the hotel room.
He confused your room with his and entered, but you couldn’t resist his charms and invited him in. The two don’t know each other and have hot sex.

Monarchy game
If you wanted to try mom role-playing ideas for couples, this scenario could be even better. If you are a queen and he is your servant, he has to obey you. Then, give him all kinds of sexy orders and observe how he acts awkwardly at first, but then, with more and more conviction.

Nurse and patient
Nurses often have to give patients a sponge bath, and you can do it too. Imagine the situation in which your partner arrived at the hospital, maybe he was shot in a sexy way while saving the Universe from a great evil. Maybe it was an accident, whatever excites you.

High heels, revealing clothes and bright makeup: these are essential attributes
If you were to fuck your partner for money, how would you feel? What if dressing up as a prostitute will give you confidence never seen before?

Role-playing ideas for sex in the car
Entering a character is much easier if you leave your typical settings. If you never tried sex in the car, or you don’t do it very often, it’s time to shake things up.

You’re running away from zombies and this is your last car sex
zombie apocalypse
What if the sky is falling and there are a multitude of blood-hungry zombies running? Are you escaping in a car and this is the last sex you will have? In the role-play ideas driven by the apocalypse for married couples, there is much at stake and the momentum is real. Activate zombie music and sound effects to make the settings more authentic.

One night stand
The ideas of dating role-playing games for couples are nostalgic if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while. Remember old wild times when you used to go out and imagine that your partner is your casual connection for the night. Act, imagine how they met and talk like strangers.

Get him a classic blue car mechanic suit
Car mechanic
Another creative idea for sex in the car. While fixing his vehicle, he was distracted by his sensuality, and you both end up hitting him on the roof.

The dangerous biker
Bad boys and girls are your types, even if you don’t think so. Try role-playing ideas for couples: ask your partner to impersonate a dangerous guy who belongs to a gang, and someone whose parents will never like.

Uber driver-passenger
Maybe, you’ve never seen a hot Uber driver before. This should not be a problem, because your partner will impersonate one at night. Again, this implies that they don’t know each other, so keep the conversations simple. Also, get in the car for realism.

Role-playing ideas for sex on a table
Boss-employee dynamics
Imagine you are their boss and you are scolding a good professional scolding. In the middle, they both felt the heat and had sex on the office table. Keep things real and use professional jargon to make the situation more credible.

Let your man lean while teaching you a lesson
A student seduces a teacher.
Who was not in love with the history or physics teacher? Even if you did not, it is time to enter the character because you will pretend that your sex chat partner is your teacher. It would be great if your partner knew the subject, the situation would become much more real. Besides, he can rate it, because why not?

A maid who wants an adventure
His wife has not yet returned home but could do so at any time. Still, he is so good, and you two have great chemistry. Why don’t you like him?

Start hugging from behind
A sexy cooking class
You were teaching him to bake a good creamy dessert, but you ended up cooking cream, chocolate, and Nutella together. Yes, you can be creative with licking.

Sex anywhere
Pretending that they are porn actors will probably make them more creative and make them feel more comfortable in bed. You can even impersonate particular actors, especially if some have similarities to their appearance.

Show him that you waited so long
The boyfriend returned from the war.
It has long been facing dangers and every day feels like a year. Finally, he returned after seeing many difficult things. How would that influence your sexual style? You two can solve it in the exciting role-play.

Stage I hate you
What happens if you despise your partner and yet want to have sex with him? This has been the subject of many movies and TV shows, Buffy and Spike come to mind, and is one of the best role-playing ideas for couples for rough sex. You two can become real wild animals and do things you never knew you are capable of.

Don’t forget to remind your partner to bring a real pizza
A hot pizza boy
This is great because you can eat pizza right after having sex. Besides, it is simple and incredibly exciting.

Housewife Pool Child
I was cleaning your pool, all wet and sexy, while you, a boring housewife, who doesn’t get very hot from her marriage, you see her attractive body. You just couldn’t stand it and decided to fuck it right there in the pool. A great idea for sex in the bathroom, by the way.

Prisonmates (you can try this in public)
What if you are in prison and you have a hot inmate that you would love to fuck on the spot? However, you must be careful, because the guards can notice. Keep things calm, rough and to the point.

Favorite characters
Imagine that he is your favorite character in the movie, TV show, romance novel. Both can even dress for the occasion.

Repairman sex for bathroom sex
You called him to fix your sink, but you met him with the revealing clothes. He was trying to concentrate on work, but you were so daring that he couldn’t take your eyes and hands off you. It is up to you if you want to fix the sump in the process.

Owner sex
He does not have enough money to pay the rent and came to the owner to ask him a favor. When you saw it, your heart quickened, partly because you are broken and soon you will not have a roof under your head, but also because it has incredible heat. He thinks the same and you two have sex.

Enter the skin of animals
What if you are a tiger and he is a lion, and you have found yourself in the middle of the forest? Although different species do not usually have sex, you can ignore the small details in your room.

Long-distance Skype sex
If you have not tried sex with a camcorder, it might be time. Turn on Skype, go to a different room and have fun.

Robotic sex
Although being a robot in bed is not usually a good thing, in role-play, it’s really fun. You can try to heat it while it is confused due to unknown sensory information. Watch how the robot becomes more human while you two continue with sex.

Male stripper and a customer
If he didn’t give you a dance spin before, maybe it’s time to try. You can do it in any room, bathroom, kitchen, anywhere.

What if you have never been on Earth or had sex, and now you have to show him what sexual desire is and how to get orgasms? Also, what happens if they have different ways of having sex on another planet? The space for the experiment is enough.

Tips for trying out sexy role play ideas for couples

Before you start experimenting with my list of role-playing ideas, take a look at this shortlist of things to do and what not to do before embarking on this trip.

Focus on details
What I have described above are only brief scenarios: it is up to you to solve them. You must discover your names, scenarios, character descriptions as if you were writing a story. Trust me, the process of presenting the story maybe even better than sex itself, although the following tips will help you make sure this doesn’t happen. Anyway, it is one of the funniest aspects of role play, so don’t miss the preparation.

Speak the details
The scenario may seem perfect for you, but your partner should share his enthusiasm for the role. If you are not completely interested in that, look for something else. Either way, for things to work, you must share your vision. I understand that you would like to keep the element of surprise, but it is better to be too prepared than confused.

Define your limitations
Some good role-playing ideas can be quite rough, both physically and mentally. If this is something that requires violence, talk about stop signs and pain thresholds. Perhaps, he has sensitive areas that you are not aware of and hitting them could seriously damage him in the process. Don’t sacrifice security for realism.

Also, if there are many things you don’t want to do or some issues you don’t joke about, let him know right away.

Prepare the set
Entering a role play is much like filming a movie. You need a plot, actors that will enter the character and realistic scenarios that will transmit the atmosphere. You can order accessories, prepare customers and use the configuration of your home to make the scenario as credible as possible.

Leave the room and try to take her somewhere else: in the bathroom, in the car, in the hallway. However, don’t go into too much detail, playing ideas for Alice’s couples in Wonderland in detail will require a lot of preparation. You may need to rely on this.

Don’t forget to have fun
If you are preparing for the role play as if it were your future Oscar-winning film, you will never be happy with the process. Preparation is important, but you cannot let the purpose eclipse. If you feel confused, laugh.

Don’t overdo it
I encourage you to try role-playing games no more than 1-2 times per week. If it becomes normal, it will soon lose its flavor and become routine. Instead, prefer the quality approach over quantity: it is better to have several roles plays in a month but make them exciting and many mediocre.

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