13 Tips to Talk to Girls Online

How to talk to girls online Most men find that talking to girls in person is really scary or difficult. However, chatting and sex dating online is a great place to practice. Starting with dating apps or chatting with girls online. Here are some tips to help you improve your online skills.

Tip # 1 Highlights

You should make a great impression when you send a message to a girl online. Pretty girls receive so many messages online that they can’t answer them all. You must stand out from the garbage tsunami that is sent to the girls.

13 Tips to Talk to Girls Online

A simple way to stand out is to be fun. The first benefit is that it shows that you are intelligent because only intelligent men can turn normal things into fun situations. If you are on a dating site, use your profile photos as inspiration to develop a joke. This is a good general practice because it sharpens your joking skills.

If you are chatting with a girl you know, make jokes about her latest Facebook photos or her comments.

Make sure you are not rude. The fact that you think something is fun does not mean that everyone does it. Sending only the word “Hey” is bad if it comes from you. It’s great if it comes from her. It’s bad for you because it shows a lack of genuine interest in the girl. It is as if you simply “copy” “paste” the word “hello” to thousands of girls. It also shows a lack of creativity and innovation that are traits that women like in men.

If he found you in an application like tinder for sex chat, keep in mind that he took the time to contact you and assume he is curious about you.

Tip # 2 Be fun, it’s obvious, but how?

Guy: “My fuck buddies, it smells like upsexy here”

Girl: “What’s up sexy?”

Guy: “I’m fine, thanks”

As cheesy as it may be, it can work. You are looking for a girl who is in the right mental state when she reads your message. Therefore, sending jokes like this to many girls can be a success. This is a completely random success and is not consistent at all, but it works. You also run the risk that other boys have already used the same joke about this girl. Therefore, it is better to be original than to use funny Internet jokes.

Tip # 3 Comment on a photo

Comment: “wow look at that pretty bitch”

First of all, I am not looking for new friends, I already have someone with whom I am interested in chatting and everything is great there.

But I don’t have much experience and I’m not techy! What are people doing these days to chat, send videos or photos, etc. and remain completely anonymous (for the good of both parties)? Especially considering how phones “communicate.” I don’t want to send something from my phone and then appear in some way on yours. Or I accidentally save a photo in my cloud and my son opens it on the iPad! (Or whatever!)

Talk about things that happened today. You will have something interesting, she will probably have experienced something similar and you have something to talk about. Maybe one of you will say something interesting in return and can continue talking.

I suggest letting them lead the conversation at the beginning. Talk about what interests a woman, in her terms. Find ways to agree and be positive without BSing. Once you see that you are interested in their perspectives and that you are willing to listen, start presenting your own angles, building on theirs. Resist the urge to give advice or impress. Women often sound like they want help, but generally they just want to be heard, not tell them what to do. When you want to go to a new place, start from a common point and go there. I find that women want to be pushed a little, and they are shown a reason to dig a little deeper than they would with someone they trusted less. When they show vulnerability or take risks, go a little further: ask a question just after your last threshold and let it answer or not.

Is there an application that is better for this?

Any idea of ​​security? Any other good advice?

Thank you!

Join Tinder It is a free application for your smartphone and fills your profile using your facebook, but does not publish there or do anything but collect information from Facebook. Then, you are giving a lot of women to decide whether or not you like it based on attractiveness / whatever. You could swipe to the right for each girl and as soon as a decision you want from her side, you will become a ‘couple’ and you can start talking. This is a good application because it only gives you the opportunity to talk to girls who think you are worthy of their time. Try it, you don’t have to try to connect with them, but practice the conversation and use those skills that you have learned or that you want to try. Peace!

You mean the dog but … what bitch are you talking about? This kind of joke works pretty well because you show that you are not afraid of being a little naughty. This approach works well for very attractive girls. It can have poor results in women whose first language is not English or women in a bad mood.

It’s hard to do this kind of humor, but you can be more playful with emoji hee

Tip # 4 Be cheeky

Being cheeky works great.

“Hello, girl’s name! Google suggested the worst collection line” are you tired? … because you’ve been running through my mind all day “… this is crap hahaha! Want to help me sue Google? We will make billions … I’ll give you at least 10%;)”

Tip # 5 Flirt but don’t be too sexual

Don’t be openly sexual, but have a flirtatious and ambiguous background behind your messages. If it is evident, it will go out, but if it is vaguely suggestive, it will get excited in advance.

Girl: “It’s raining outside” Guy: “I love wet girls” Girl: “hahaha, that’s nasty” Guy: “wow, you have a dirty mind”

Tip # 6 Interesting motto

When you’re on a dating site or application, use your own slogan as something she can comment on. Think of something that is a “call to action” … she can use that to start the discussion with you without thinking of something intelligent or feeling like a whore if she struggles to greet you. Just follow your example with any main comments you have written in your motto.

Think of your own slogan and add it to all your profiles.

Ex: “I only like girls who can hit me … do you think you have what it takes? Hahaha

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